Usenko T., Prodanchuk M., Shulyak V.


About the author:

Usenko T., Prodanchuk M., Shulyak V.



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Scentific article


Pestcides are extensively used in agriculture today. Fungicides based on derivatves of triazole are the most widespread all over the world. Cyproconazole is one of the most frequently used substance of this group. Published data about the hematotoxic effects of cyproconazole, despite their fewness, are controversial. Goal. The aim was to assess the effects of generic triazole fungicide cyproconazole, 95% on hematological and cytochemical parameters of peripheral blood of Wistar Hannover male rats in conditons of acute oral toxicity study. Object and methods. 10 healthy males of Wistar Han rats were equally divided into control (0 mg/kg/bw) and experimental groups. The input control of peripheral blood parameters was conducted afer a period of animals acclimatzaton. The goal was to evaluate the physiological state of the Wistar Han rats and the blood picture before treatment. Dose 175 mg/kg/bw (1/2 LD50) was administrated once orally by gavage to 5 experimental rats. Peripheral blood was studied at 0 and 1, 3, 7, 14 day afer exposure. RBC, HGB, HCT, erytrocyte indices MCV, MCH, MCHC, WBC and PLT were measured, hemogram and morphological disturbances of cells were studied. Cytochemical investgatons of specifc naphtol-AS-D-chloracetate esterase in neutrophils and succinate dehydrogenase, acid phosphatase in lymphocytes were studied. Results. Signifcant RBC increase and MCHC decrease due to hypoxia, polychromasia of erythrocytes in peripheral blood as confrmaton of the compensatory mechanism. The probable leukocytosis, relatve and absolute neutrophilia with lef shif to metaemyelocytes in leukogram is established. The appearance of actve phagocytc macrophages in the vascular channel was noted. Actvaton of monocytopoiesis was observed. The actvity of cytochemical enzymes was signifcantly increased. Immunotoxic acton was shown. That was manifested by quanttatve changes in the lymphocytes subpopulatons. Conclusion. Due to obrained results the triazole fungicide generic cyproconazole, 95% had hematotoxic acton on peripheral blood of Wistar Hannover male rats in conditons of acute oral toxicity study.


cytochemistry of leukocytes, neutriphilia, macrophages


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 1 Part 2 (143), 2018 year, 72-78 pages, index UDK 615.9:616.15:615.099