Kulish M. V., Vorodyukhina A. K., Yareshko A. G., Smith О. A., Gerasimenko N. D.


About the author:

Kulish M. V., Vorodyukhina A. K., Yareshko A. G., Smith О. A., Gerasimenko N. D.



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Scentific article


The article describes a problem of drug-resistant tuberculosis. According to WHO, Ukraine is one of the five countries with the greatest burden of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Effective treatment is one of the most important measures of stop the spread of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, but the effectiveness of the treatment of this epidemically dangerous group of patients in Ukraine remains low (50,8%). Ukraine occupies one of the last places in the world for the effectiveness of treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. The purpose of the work was to study the peculiarities of the development and effectiveness of treatment of drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis in the Poltava Regional Clinical Anti-Tuberculosis Dispensary. We conducted a clinical and statistical analysis of 256 case histories and outpatient cards of patients with drugresistant tuberculosis. All patients received antituberculosis chemotherapy according of the protocol for the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis. Treatment was corrected after receiving the tests of drug sensitivity if it was necessary. Patients were characterized by such features as sex, age, type of case of tuberculosis, type of drug-resistance. We evaluated the presence of concomitant illnesses in patients, adverse reactions to drugs and the effectiveness of treatment. Most of the patients were men 25 to 54 years old. The most common were the most severe forms of tuberculosis, such as multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (60,55%) and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (23,05%). Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis was diagnosed in 70,94% of patients who first developed tuberculosis and 56,34% of patients with relapse of tuberculosis. In 51.17% of patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis there were other concomitant diseases. The adverse reactions to antibacterial drugs were observed in 42,19% of patients. Resistance of mycobacterium tuberculosis to antituberculosis drugs complicates treatment of tuberculosis and can lead to death. 28 (10.94%) patients died during the first year of treatment, of which 24 – during the first 6 months. Results of the study show that drug-resistance tuberculosis is very difficult problem to modern medicine that creates the threat of uncontrolled epidemic of drug-resistant tuberculosis and low efficacy of treatment. This provides important grounds for the revision of the protocol treatment drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis.


tuberculosis, drug-resistant, efficacy of treatment


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Publication of the article:

«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 4 part 1 (146), 2018 year, 98-101 pages, index UDK 616.24-002.5:615.2(477)