Likhachev V. K., Taranovskaya O. О., Dobrovolskaya L. M., Makarov O. G., Shymanska Y. V.


About the author:

Likhachev V. K., Taranovskaya O. О., Dobrovolskaya L. M., Makarov O. G., Shymanska Y. V.



Type of article:

Scentific article


The highest social values in Ukraine and in the world are the quality of life and health of people who are directly dependent on the diligence of fulfilling their professional duties by health professionals. In this context, now, are inevitable and absolutely necessary changes. The process of reforming modern medicine in Ukraine intensifies the problem of improving the quality of native medical education, especially the part of postgraduate education. This is a necessary condition for integration Ukraine into the scientific and educational of world space. Today, the main problem of reorganization the higher medical school are to made a competitivenessly, tangent to reality, theoretically trained physician with a good modern knowlege of practical skills, and with ability to respond immediately and make decisions. In this context, the organization of the educational process with future physicians a matter of principle must be fundamentally new. First of all, it is created new tasks for teachers and required them to change the own approach to organizing educational process at the postgraduate stage. The task of the work was to find ways to improve the postgraduate medical education of doctors obstetricians-gynecologists. In nowadays, when we have reform of medicine in Ukraine, the standards and requirements for the educational process of higher medical school are changing. The requirements for the quality of training of young doctors are increasing and the need for further improvement of the educational process is increasing. Improving the quality of interns’ training can be ensured through the successful combination of innovative educational technologies with the traditional system of training, since the latter primarily relies on knowledge, acquisition in a professional environment, the specialist’s assessment and based on the criteria of skills and abilities that can not be obtained without applying modern teaching technologies. The origin for distance learning (videoconferences, specialized websites, e-mailing, multimedia presentations, networked electronic tutorials, benchmarking test assignments, interdisciplinary advisories involving telecommunication technologies) can be used as resources for improving the postgraduate education in obstetriciangynecologists, as well as the wide introduction of stimulation systems for work-outs practical skills. The simulational training of clinical skills and skills using manipulators, simulators, standardized patients, simulation systems not only making it possible to repeatedly manipulate one or another manipulation, but also maked it impossible to harm inevitably learning errors. Besides, the simulators are able to provided information abought the manipulations and appreciate it. An indisputable the advantage of the ability to simulate teamwork on certain types of simulation training equipment, and it can be enabled to reproduction of real collaboration between medical staff.


postgraduate education, distance learning, simulation training


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Publication of the article:

«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 4 part 1 (146), 2018 year, 150-152 pages, index UDK 387.2:614.25:618