Petrushanko V. N., Lobach L. N., Lyashenko L. I., Tkachenko I. M.


About the author:

Petrushanko V. N., Lobach L. N., Lyashenko L. I., Tkachenko I. M.



Type of article:

Scentific article


By the task of morphological research structure of pulp at the sharp forms of pulpitis and after conducted treatment of inflamed pulp there is a ground the use of dioxydinum and dexamethazonum, for strengthening reactivity of a pulp in its possibility to carry out reverse development of inflammation, to proceed in the staggered structures of pulp. Material for morphological researches was a pulp 20 teeth practically healthy people in age 18-40. Removal of tooth with the inflamed pulp, and also the intact (at presence of consent of patient) was carried out in the case of their distopii, or retencii. In teeth with a sharp, partial and general pulpit, a carious cavity was processed solution of dioxydinum 1% and dexamethazonum (during the first visit of patient). In the second visit imposed medical paste «Laif» on the bottom of preparation cavity. Electronic-microscopic and thin histological researches of teeth pulp in a state of inflammation achieve a presence in the separate areas of layer of odontoblasts of vacuolar atrophy, which are, possibly, by the result of hydratation of basic substance. Gigantic vacuoles and fatty granules appeared in the cytoplasm of such cages, the amount of lysosomes, phagosomes was increased Researches rotined that at sharp inflammation of pulp arterioli narrow and prekapilyari of all types of pulp. The endothelial cages of arteriol burst in the road clearance of vessels. The kernel of endotheliocytes was acquired by festonchatoy forms. Greater part of chromoplasm was concentrated near the internal sheet of nuclear shell, and most structural changes arose up in the venous segments of mikrocirkulyatoris channel-bed of endodontium. There were conglomerates of red corpuscles in education of postcapillary and collective venul. 2 months after treatment, in pulp there is a rehabilitate quantity of odontoblasts, their density, dissapear cellular and intercellular edema, vacuolated cells. Kernels acquired the usual form, and cytoplasm was enriched by cellular elements. Clusters of microorganisms disappeared, decreased the number of macrophages, lymphocytes, plasmocytis. Collagen fibrils accepted a typical structure, fibroblasts purchased an ordinary form, structure them did not different from a norm. There was not a sharp increase of uniform elements in education of vessels, the thickness of layer of endothelia was normalized. Endotheliocytes densely adjoined between itself and did not burst on the road clearance of vessels. Thus, the tooth pulp endodontium, due to its morphofunktional’ features especially sosnye side, sensitively responds to stimuli, on the other-it has a number of compensator-adaptive mechanisms, that can with stand the action of the damaging factor end normalize its structure and functions. But with the considerable strength of the damaging agent, it can not cope and perishes.


acute inflammation of the pulp, dentinogenesis, recovery


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Publication of the article:

«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 4 part 1 (146), 2018 year, 223-225 pages, index UDK 616.314.18-002:616-036.81:611