Kuroedova V. D., Vyzhenko Ye. Ye., Stasiuk A. A., Makarova A. N.


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Kuroedova V. D., Vyzhenko Ye. Ye., Stasiuk A. A., Makarova A. N.



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Scentific article


Due to the rapid increase of osteopenic diseases and diseases of periodontal tissues, X-ray examination of malocclusion anomalies at the diagnostic stage is a major step at orthodontic treatment planning. One of the modern, moust informative and accessible method of objective research of patients is a computer tomography, which is increasingly used in orthodontic practice and bone density studys. The aim of the paper is to conduct a comparative analysis of the values of mineral density of bone tissue in different sections of the upper and lower jaws and the mineral density of the second cervical vertebra (C2) in orthodontic patients. Object and methods. In total, 15 CT orthodontic patients aged 21-40 years old (mean age 26.6) were studied, which corresponds to the period of active functioning of the tooth-jaw system. The basis for comparison was taken the density of the bone C2, which was carried out in the sagittal projection mid-height of the vertebra. On both jaws, measurements were made in the area of the alveolar appendix between the central incisors, from the cervix to the first premolar at the midpoint of the roots, in the region of the first molars below the bifurcation level. In addition, at the upper jaw, measurements were made at the same points in the bulge region, on the lower jaw in the retro-molar region and in the articular head. Results. The most dense areas on the upper and lower jaws is the alveolar process between the central incisors – 1318±69,28 and 1400,6±75,56, respectively. Between the canine and the first premolar on the upper and lower jaws, the following data were established: 930,97±29,44 and 1204,17±54,8. The statistical difference was established (p1-2<0.05). These values are on average 50% greater than the bone density in zone C2. At the area of first molars bifurcation, the density of bone tissue on the lower jaw (882,67±53,9) is exceeds similar indicators for the upper (531,47±36,82) with a statistical difference. The optical density in the area of the tuberosus of the upper jaw is lower than the density of C2 and the bone density of the alveolar process. On the lower jaw, the most similar densitometric indicators of bone density are established between C2 and the density of the joint head. In the retromolar region, high indices compared with C2 (p<0,01) are cause of the dense compact plates of the outer and inner oblique lines in the region of the angle of the lower jaw. Conclusions. Densitometry of bony tissue with computer tomography is diagnostically informative and available method for researches. It even can be used for diagnostics of bony tissue condition and for evaluation of orthodontic treatment.


malocclusion, bone density, сomputer tomography


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Publication of the article:

«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 4 part 1 (146), 2018 year, 275-278 pages, index UDK 616.314-089.23-053.8