Nikolishyna E. V., Ilenko N. N.


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Nikolishyna E. V., Ilenko N. N.



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Scentific article


The general treatment of patients with autoinfectious lesions of the oral mucosa involves the administration of antibiotics, drugs for the elimination of dysbiosis, normalization of immunity, hyposensibilizing and vitamin therapy. One of the important factors in the successful treatment of autoinfectious stomatitis is the state of cellular and humoral immunity. It is also known that antibiotics inhibit immunity, promote the development of dysbiosis and hypovitaminosis. Therefore, the creation of favorable conditions for the growth and functioning of normal microflora of the oral cavity in autoinfectious stomatitis is an important stage of general treatment. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of general treatment of patients in the scheme of complex therapy of autoinfectious oral stomatitis To achieve this goal, we conducted an examination and treatment of 48 patients aged 18 to 46 years. Each patient received a comprehensive dental examination and laboratory examination. Schemes of treatment were used in accordance with the protocols set out in the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 566. Analysis of the results of the study of the general condition of patients in the dynamics of the survey showed that the proposed complex therapy in all clinical cases was effective. Complications of therapy and allergic reactions in any of the patients were also not detected. General therapy was started with antibacterial, namely, the appointment of ofloxacin. In parallel, antifungal agents were prescribed in order to prevent the development of dysbiosis. After identifying the pathogen and detecting its sensitivity, the treatment scheme was supplemented or replaced by the most effective drug for each patient individually. After the course of antibiotic therapy for the purpose of removal from the intestines of neutralized microorganisms and their toxins, as well as products of metabolism and peroxidation, inflammatory mediators and other substances, one of the enterosorbents (activated charcoal or «Enterosgel») was prescribed in an integrated treatment on an empty stomach procedure for 7 days. In some cases, the artificial creation of favorable conditions for the growth and functioning of normal microflora with the help of biologics («Yogurt», «Linex», «Acidobact», etc.) was carried out. In cases of chronic disease, hyposensitizing drugs («Сetrin») and vitamins (A, E, Group B) were prescribed. In a sluggish course of the disease, frequent relapses in the anamnesis in order to normalize the immune state of patients were «Іmmunofan», under the obligatory control of the immunogram. Some patients were referred for consultation to an immunologist. The best positive dynamics was registered in 14 patients (29.17%) for acute ulcerative gingivitis / stomatitis and acute aphthous stomatitis. After five days, the complex treatment of the microflora completely normalized in 100% of cases. Thus, the use of general therapy in the treatment of autoimmune stomatitis with a long-term course is mandatory. In the long-term chronic processes of the oral cavity of the autoinfectious genesis, general treatment is based on the general condition of the patient and the results of the microbiological study and the clinical picture of the disease.


stomatitis, autoinfection, therapy


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 4 part 1 (146), 2018 year, 298-300 pages, index UDK 616:31-002-022.7:615