Pasko O. O., Podilchak N. V., Prishlyak V. E., Svychch M. P., Svychch R. M.

Clinical Evaluation of Application of Calcium-Containing Materials in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis

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Pasko O. O., Podilchak N. V., Prishlyak V. E., Svychch M. P., Svychch R. M.



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Scentific article


The problem of improving the quality of endodontic treatment remains relevant and important issues of modern dentistry. Phenols, phenolic compounds and aldehydes are the large and most popular group of antisep- tics for medical treatment of root channels. Efficacy of application of calcium hydroxide is proved in the treatment of chronic periodontitis with generalsomathically pathology. With antiseptic that we used for the treatment of root canals, used «Mepasyl». The aim of our study was to conduct endodontic treatment of patients with chronic periodontitis using antiseptic preparation «Mepasyl» and calcium-containing material «Akrosyl». Materials and research methods. The study was consisted of two stages – the experimental and clinical. The pilot phase of the work was to study the influence of the biological structure of antiseptic preparations «Mepasyl», «Ozomol 4» and filling materials «Akrosyl», «Vitapeks», «Metapasta». The clinical stage of the work was carried out in the clinic of the Department of Therapeutic dentistry and in- cluded the selection and examination of patients, their treatment and observation. 256 patients aged 18 to 60 years with various forms of chronic periodontitis clinical examination has been conducted. All patients were divided into basic group and the comparison group. Mechanical treatment of root canals was carried out according to the methodology of the Crown Down rotary Ni-Ti – tools GT files with irrigation in the environment of 3 % sodium hypochlorite. results of research and their discussion. The experimental phase in vitro found that the cytotoxic activity is the drug « Ozomol 4», even when breeding (1/30), which is associated with the presence of a 35 % formaldehyde solution. Study of antimicrobial activity calcium-containing materials in their «pure» form in Streptococcus Sanguis re- vealed antimicrobial activity only in «Mepasyl». The success of treatment of chronic periodontitis depended on nosological form such as a positive result was found in 100 % with chronic fibrous periodontitis; 90 % – for granulating periodontitis, 70 % – with granulomatous periodontitis. Clinical efficacy of «Mepasyl» was 95. 5 %, «Ozonal 4» – 84. 5 %, «Metapasta» – 93. 2 %. A significant difference of clinical efficacy of «Akrosyl» and «Vitapeks » was not found and accounted 93. 9 % and 94. 0 % respectively. conclusions. Thus, treatment of chronic periodontitis should be carried out in two stages, using antiseptic prep- aration «Мепасил» between sessions. It is recommended to use «Akrosyl» with gutta-percha pins method of lateral condensation or system Thermafyl for permanent sealing of the root canal. Sealing material «Akrosyl» has antimi- crobial action against fusobacterium spp., actinomyces spp., Streptococus Sanguis. The drug «Mepasyl» is able to diffuse through dentinal tubules on the external surface of the root with the manifestation of antimicrobial activity.


chronic periodontitis, antiseptics, calcium-containing material


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 1 (106), 2014 year, 337-341 pages, index UDK 616. 314. 08-084-036. 82