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Using a new generation of drugs, namely protecting the wound dressing Reso-pac, on patients with generalized form of periodontitis, helps to prevent possible complications after surgery on periodontal tissues. Modern needs and requirements of patients to the full restoration of aesthetics and function dentition contribute to the development of reconstructive dental and periodontal plastic Muco-gingival surgery. Therefore, great atten-tion is paid to control over the processes of regeneration, that will allow to receive qualitative results of treatment, to reduce the invasiveness, control the course of the wound process and formation of scars. In the dental market of Ukraine presents the products of the system of prevention of MIRADENT that offers inno-vative drug Reso-pac, which applies to adhesive protective wound dressings mucous membranes of the oral cavity, created on the basis of cellulose. The tool contains mirra, thanks to which manifests astringent, antiseptic and hae-mostatic effect, has a characteristic adhesion to wet wound surfaces, created on a hydrophilic basis, and therefore not afraid of water, dissolves slowly (within 30 hours), and can be recommended in the postoperative period, for protection of wounds in the oral cavity. The control and the main group consisted of 28 patients, on 14 each, which had diseases of parodont and needed professional dental treatment. This technique helps to create a drug depot directly in the hearth of surgical interventions, and to achieve in-crease of efficiency of treatment of patients with lesions of the periodontal tissues due to the drugs included in the adhesive bandages. Mіrrа, that is part of the therapeutic cosmetic, activates transport oxygen and nutrients, contributes to its absorption by cells, increases intracellular energy balance, stimulates the regeneration of cells, and stimulates the microcirculation of blood. Due to the complex of actions of the active ingredient, clinical display significant wound-healing and healing properties, accelerates the regeneration of the mucous membrane epithe-lium affected. Reso-pac firmly fixed floor wound surfaces in the mouth and slowly self dissolves. Treatment is 10-14 days. The affected area hermetically isolated from environment, thanks to what is preventing secondary contamination of wounds, is active and selective action of a medical factor on the site of lesion, prevented the exit of medicinal ingredients bandages in the mouth and hit microorganisms in the scope of the film. Thus, the proposed method of treatment of patients with lesions of the periodontal tissues simple in execution, involves the use of adhesive protective wound dressings Reso-pac, on the basis of cellulose eliminates inflamma-tion and congestion in the periodontal tissues improves microcirculation, changes microbial colonization of the oral cavity without the use of antibiotics increases the natural protection of the oral fluid, provides optimal conditions for regeneration of tissues, promotes the healing of postoperative defect in shorter periods of time is an effective way of prevention of possible complications after surgical interventions in areas of the tooth-gingival, mucosal-gums connections and fixed gums, have a significant postoperative wound, which requires careful maintenance during the whole period of the course of the wound process.


dentistry, surgery, Reso-pac


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 2 part 1 (107), 2014 year, 177-180 pages, index UDK 616. 31-089-085. 46