Myhal O. O., Ogonovsky R. Z.


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Myhal O. O., Ogonovsky R. Z.



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Scentific article


Epidemiological studies in recent years indicate a significant prevalence of periodontal diseases and their association with concomitant somatic pathology. Comorbid diseases are characterized by the aggravating effect of the disease, due to their close functional relationship between somatic pathology and the condition of the oral cavity. The similarity of pathogenetic mechanisms of periodontal diseases and rheumatic diseases determine the relevance of studying the features of the course of periodontitis in patients with chronic rheumatic heart disease. To achieve this goal, a dental survey was conducted on 719 people with CRHD and 290 practically healthy persons. Periodontal status assessment was performed using a standard examination scheme. Medical treatment record with additions in accordance with research tasks was registered for every patient. Results were processed statistically, employing Student’s criterion. According to the results of the dental examination of patients with CRHD, a high prevalence of periodontal diseases and prevalence of severe lesions of periodontal tissues was established. Among 719 surveyed of the main group periodontal pathology was registered in 665 persons, which made 92,49% respectively. In the control group, the percentage was lower and amounted to 79.31%, that is, periodontal tissue diseases were detected in 230 people. In the structure of periodontal pathology of the main group, periodontitis – 72.78%, compared to 61.74% in the control group (p<0.01), was dominant. Chronic catarrhal gingivitis was detected in 15.19% of the surveyed persons in the main group and in 28.26% of the control group (p<0.001). Clinically healthy periodontal was observed only in 7.51% of the main group, and in the control group the percentage of patients with clinically healthy periodontal tissue was significantly higher – 20.69% (p<0.01). The course of generalized periodontitis in patients with chronic rheumatic heart disease was chronic with moderately pronounced inflammation in soft tissues, with symptomatic chronic catarrhal gingivitis, severe recession and considerable depth of periodontal pockets. Prospects for further research will be directed to the scientific substantiation of an effective program of treatment and prevention of generalized periodontitis.


periodontal disease, prevalence, chronic rheumatic heart disease.


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Publication of the article:

«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 1 (155), 2020 year, 375-378 pages, index UDK 616.314.17-008.1:616-002.77