Zhdan V. N., Sheleshko P. V., Bashtan V. P., Sheleshko M. S., Shilkina L. N.


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Zhdan V. N., Sheleshko P. V., Bashtan V. P., Sheleshko M. S., Shilkina L. N.



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Scentific article


The Steady increase in cancer incidence with a relatively high proportion of advanced forms of cancer of the main localizations suggests that the system of rehabilitation of cancer patients is not only a medical but also social-economic and environmental problem. The basic link in the medical component of this rehabilitation is the prevention, timely diagnostics of malignant tumors with appropriate treatment and reduced risk of unwanted complications. The purpose of the study. Тo Specify the joint with the Oncology service tactics family and specialized doctors, therapists, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors and the subsequent dynamic observation of appropriate groups of patients. Object and methods.In terms of rehabilitation of cancer patients taking into account literature data to perform practical significance published our textbook “Oncology family doctor», as well as the performance of improved methods of surgical treatment of precancer and cancer of the stomach which to prevent unwanted complications in the operated patients. Result and discussion. In the textbook issued to help family physicians with regard to their responsibility for the health of the inhabitants of the land affected by the issues on the organization of cancer services, presents data on risk factors for precancer and cancer of various localizations. In the timely diagnosis of tumors of the schemes of the examinations of persons in high risk groups as per the existing standards of diagnosis and level of health facility conducting these surveys Determined tactics of the family doctor on the clinical examination of patients after treatment, the necessary correction of the violations that can be the consequence of anticancer therapy. This correction with timely diagnosis often occurring tumor recurrence is an integral part of rehabilitation. In a comparative mapping with the literature data the analysis of outcomes of activities performed with the use of improved methods to us, allows for the surgical treatment of cancer and precancer of the stomach to prevent unwanted complications that cause a lot of suffering patients. Conclusions.Given the current incidence of malignant tumors, the practical importance of the continuous improvement of health care rehabilitation of cancer patients is obvious. The decision arising from this a number of issues the implementation of health techniques that can improve the quality of interventions for prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. The work of surgeon’s oncologists in the hospital shall be performed in accordance with the techniques provided by us operations that are a priority for the future status of patients and facilitate prevention of malignant tumors, clinical examination, the effectiveness of treatment and rehabilitation.


cancer patients, rehabilitation, prevention of malignant tumors, clinical examination, the effectiveness of treatment and rehabilitation


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 1 Part 1 (142), 2018 year, 326-330 pages, index UDK 616-006-052-08