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Adygezalova K. P



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The purpose is to evaluate the levels of antibodies AT-TPO, AT-TG and circulating AOA in oligomenorrhea and comparing them with the control group. Methods. 103 patients of reproductive age with oligomenorrhea were examined. Control – 50 women of childbearing age with an undisturbed rhythm of menstruation. Antibodies to TG and TPO and AOA are determined in the blood by ELISA. Statisticala software (StatSoft, USA) was used for statistical analysis. Results. Autoimmune changes in the thyroid gland with oligomenorrhea were determined 4.6 times (p <0.01) more often than in the control group. The concentration of AOA in oligomenorrhea was 1.7 (p <0.05) times higher, AT-TPO – 7.1 (p <0.001) and AT-TG – 3.5 (p <0.01) times. The number of AOA in the group with oligomenorrhea without concomitant diseases was higher than in patients with hirsutism by 26.0% (p <0.05), with uterine myoma – by 45.94% (p <0.05), with autoimmune thyroiditis – by 55.43% (p <0.05), with an ovarian cyst – by 52.27% (p <0.05). In women with polycystic ovaries, the AT-TPO level was 6.4 times (p <0.001), with hirsutism 1.5 times (p <0.05) and uterine myoma, and 4.8 times (p <0.001), the level of AT-TG in patients with ovarian cyst, autoimmune thyroiditis, uterine fibroids, and hirsutism 6.3 times (p <0.001), 3.7 times (p <0.01), 1.9 times (p <0, 05) and 1.7 times (p <0.05), respectively, was higher than with oligomenorrhea without concomitant diseases. Conclusion. In women of reproductive age with oligomenorrhea, autoimmune changes in the thyroid gland and increased AOA, AT-TPO and AT-TG are more often detected. In women with oligomenorrhea, a thyroid gland study and an assessment of antibodies to the thyroid gland should be performed: AT-TPO and AT-TG.


oligomenorrhea, reproductive age, anti-varial antibodies, antibodies to thyroid peroxidase, antibodies to thyroglobulin.


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 2 (156), 2020 year, 73-77 pages, index UDK 2-1-156-