Yeroshenko G. A., Shepitko V. I., Yakushko O. S., Lisachenko O. D., Skotarenko T. A., Vilkhova O. V., Shevchenko K. V., Stetsuk Ye. V., Boruta N. V.


About the author:

Yeroshenko G. A., Shepitko V. I., Yakushko O. S., Lisachenko O. D., Skotarenko T. A., Vilkhova O. V., Shevchenko K. V., Stetsuk Ye. V., Boruta N. V.



Type of article:

Scentific article


Distance education is based on the principles of traditional forms of learning and added new features, which are the using of Internet technologies for access to educational materials, interactive interaction between teacher and students. The creative nature of distance learning allows to realize the creative potential of students, the opportunity to independently choose learning goals, form and pace of learning. Realities prompted the transition to distance education. The purpose of our work was to highlight the experience of using distance learning at the Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology. Traditionally, when constructing a practical lesson, teachers followed a clearly defined scheme. At the same time, considerable attention was paid to oral questioning, testing, work with histological specimen to develop practical skills. In the transition to a distance form of education, we were faced with the task of transferring the basic principles of building a practical lesson in new realities and adapting them to interactive teaching conditions. The Google Classroom web service was chosen to submit new material and organize independent work of students. The exchange and transmission of information through the web service played the role of an auxiliary environment for educational organizations and preceded the verbal contact between teacher and students. Real-time meetings with students were organized via video conferencing using the Zoom platform. The experience of distance learning has shown its advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages: flexibility of teaching students in choosing the place and time of study; individualization of training; use of new achievements of information technologies in the educational process; acquisition by students of such qualities as independence, mobility and responsibility. The disadvantages of distance learning are: the need for appropriate hardware and software; there are increased requirements for the psychological readiness of students to study in this form. In the future, when teaching Histology, Cytology and Embryology in traditional conditions, you can use the positive aspects of distance education, such as the development of independence, creativity and responsibility of students in preparation for classes using the Google Classroom web resource.


distance education, Histology, Cytology and Embryology.


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Publication of the article:

«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 2 (156), 2020 year, 194-197 pages, index UDK 378.147:611.018