Pakulova O. K., Bondarenko V. A., Kostina I. О.


About the author:

Pakulova O. K., Bondarenko V. A., Kostina I. О.



Type of article:

Scentific article


It is known that anions with pronounced lyotropic properties don’t contribute to the cells osmotic adaptation in 4 M NaCl. Therefore, the changes in the red blood cells morphology and volume in media with cosmotropic (F- and SO4 2-) and chaotropic (ClO4 - and SCN- ) anions were studied. The incubation was accompanied by the lipid bilayer structure stabilization and the membrane permeability decrease for the first anion group and there are opposite changes for the second one. Thus, the hypertonic lysis damage mechanism for these anion types is different and depends on the state of water. So, the cell can be controlled by changing the state of water using particles with various lyotropic properties.


erythrocytes, anions of the Hofmeister series, osmotic adaptation, hypertonic lysis, cell membrane.


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Publication of the article:

«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 2 (156), 2020 year, 391-394 pages, index UDK 577.352.4:612.111