Svintsytska N. L., Bobukh V. V., Bilanov O. S., Bilash V. P


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Svintsytska N. L., Bobukh V. V., Bilanov O. S., Bilash V. P



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Scentific article


Abstract. In the developed world countries more and more attention is paid to preventive medicine. Ukraine does not stand aside, and prevention and early diagnosis are becoming key in the national healthcare sector. Our work aims to study the essence of preventive medicine, the role of family doctors and the whole state are in it. The method of critical analysis of scientific and methodological literature was used by us in this study. At the first stage, information was collected and sources were studied; on the second – systematization of the collected information; on the third – check of the received results. The scope of the research results is the field of health care: theoretical medicine, practical medicine, evidencebased medicine, and medical education. Results of the work. The essence of preventive medicine is to prevent, reduce the risk of developing abnormalities in human health, prevent or slow the progression of the disease and reduce their serious consequences. Family doctors play an important role in the development of preventive medicine. Prevention is the most important principle of family medicine. The course of state policy of Ukraine is aimed at the comprehensive promotion of individual and public health. The new state policy should summarize the gained experience and formulate a new approach to health. Conclusions. Preventive medicine continues to evolve, it encourages humanity to find optimal legal, philosophical, economic, socio-cultural, and scientific-medical innovations to protect health. The positive concept assumes that it has physical, mental, nervous, and behavioral components – it becomes a tool for self-realization, self-actualization of man, and satisfaction from biological existence and social life. It is necessary to create accessible and open health centers both in the world and in Ukraine, where the prevention of pathologies would be considered a priority. With the support of the government and the media, they could shake public opinion, deploy sanitary and anti-epidemic projects, in particular, aimed at overcoming coronavirus infection. Motivated and well-provided medical staff guarantees the effectiveness of preventive medicine as a promising and sometimes leading branch of medical knowledge and skills.


health, medicine, prevention, health care, family medicine, preventive medicine.


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Publication of the article:

«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 2 (160), 2021 year, 273-276 pages, index UDK 616-084