Dihtiar V. A., Savenko M. V., Diedukh N. V.


About the author:

Dihtiar V. A., Savenko M. V., Diedukh N. V.



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Scentific article


The kidneys are an important organ for the life of the organism that performs numerous functions. Abdominal hypertension is one of the factors that adversely affect the normal functioning of the kidneys. Aim of the study. Determination of the features of structural changes in the kidney of rats after the experimental creation of intra-abdominal pressure of 20, 30 and 40 mm Hg and renewable period. Object and methods of research. The experimental study was performed on 58 (4 of them died during the experiment) nonlinear white rats-males (2.5-3 months old, live weight 250-300 g) of the population of the experimental biological clinic in two series of the experiment: acute and chronic. In the acute experiment, animals were sacrifice after 15, 30, and 60-minute exposure to increased abdominal pressure. In the chronic experiment, 18 animals were sacrifice on the 7th and 14th day after exposure to high intraabdominal pressure of 40 mm Hg to determine the course of the recovery process. Results of the study and their discussion. A histological study of the cortical substance of the kidneys was carried out with the determination of changes in the components of the renal corpuscles, which performs the function of filtration, medulla and tubular layer under the conditions of using various intra-abdominal pressure for the duration of the study. Conclusions. In the acute experiment, under the influence of all modes of intra-abdominal pressure in the structure of the kidneys, reactive changes or degenerative disorders were determined depending on the magnitude of the pressure and the duration of its action. The most pronounced changes were recorded in the renal corpuscles – the capillary glomerulus and the capsule.


kidney, intra-abdominal hypertension, experimental study, histology


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Publication of the article:

«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 2 Part 1 (150), 2019 year, 246-252 pages, index UDK 612.46.062:612.339.067+616-008.818]-047.37