Nidzelsky M., Tsvetkova N., Pisarenko O., Chikor V.


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Nidzelsky M., Tsvetkova N., Pisarenko O., Chikor V.



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Scentific article


The treatment of patients in the clinic of orthopedic dentistry is aimed not only at restoring the function and preventing complications arising from the damages of the tooth-jaw system, but also, the return of the patient to the corresponding aesthetic-cosmetic appearance. The percentage in the total number of all dentures of non-removable structures, according to various authors, ranges from 70 to 93%. The biggest changes and negative effects in the prosthetics of non-removable prosthetics are found during the preparation of teeth. Neoplastic tissues are significantly injured by the particles of enamel, dentin and diamond coating of the instrument, which were separated during preparation. The purpose of the research was to study morpho-functional state of periodontal teeth cells, which were prepared under non-removable designs of prosthetics. Object and methods of research. The object of the study were interdental gums papillae. Taking interdental gums papillae was carried out in the department of orthopedic dentistry with the consent of the patient. The material was immediately immersed in a 2% solution of glutaraldehyde in phosphate buffer with a pH value of 7.4. Interdental gingival papillae were harvested at different times after the crowns were prepared at different rotational modes of the instrument. To solve the research problems a complex of modern morphological research was used. The material was examined under a binocular magnifying glass MBS-10, under a light microscope, in a transmission electron microscope (TEM). Results of the research and their discussion. Describing the morphological features of the cellular elements of the periodontal disease, we will dwell more on the group of premolars, as they are more traumatized during the preparation. Conclusions. Therefore, edema in periodontia does not develop throughout the root, in this section, leukocyte and fibroblastic reactions are not expressed, the reaction of other cellular elements is reduced and the edema of the bone tissue decreases. Comparing this phenomenon with the development of inflammation in a fibrous fibrous connective tissue, in our material it can be concluded that there is a delayed reaction on the part of cellular elements of connective tissue and blood leukocytosis. In the region of the tip, where the periodontal crack is much wider and loose fibrous connective tissue, the course of the inflammatory process is more intense.


non-removable structures, preparation, interdental gums papillae.


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Publication of the article:

«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 2 Part 1 (150), 2019 year, 257-260 pages, index UDK 616.314.17:616.314-089.818