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Gavlovsky O. D.



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Scentific article


Today in armed conflicts in eastern part of Ukraine some dozens of thousands Ukrainian soldiers are taking part. During last time the number of them who became invalids, not only physically, but also mentally, is increasing. That is why the problem of rehabilitation of soldiers, who took part in antiterrorist operations is very actual. The aim of this article is research of organization physical and psychological rehabilitation of military people in nowadays conditions. The subject and methods research work. The subject is organizing of physical and psychological help to the soldiers ATO in Ukraine. In this research work different methods were used, such as: bibliosemantic – for analysis of scientific literature, content analysis – for research of laws basis, systematic analysis – for analysis organized supplying physical and psychological rehabilitation of participants of antiterrorist operations. Results. Rehabilitation of participants antiterrorist operations in Ukraine is helping in the hospitals for veterans of the war. Physical rehabilitation is inseparable part of cure process and successful social adaptation of soldiers ATO. Specialists on physical rehabilitation have systematic knowledge in the sphere of the movement activity of the human being, make examinations of problematic zones bone- muscle systems and create individual plan of complex rehabilitation. Physical rehabilitation is aimed to recover and develop lost mobility functions, amplitude ofmovement, abolish spastics and reduce painful syndrome, to improve tonus of muscles, to improve flow of lymph in vessels and blood flow, improve the general state of the patient, prophylaxis of contracture, bedscores, thromboembolism, making pathologic poses, stagnation in the lungs, developing spastic paretic muscles, exercises on the sport devices and rehabilitation equipment, kinesiatrics, modification of lifestyle, skills of movement exercises and estimation of the physical training. Psychological rehabilitation is aimed for preserving and recovering physical and psychological health, reducing of frictions and force consequences of psychological traumas, prevention of invalidity, aggression, renewing lost physical functioning. Last time art therapy is widely used. Soldiers have possibility to express their emotions, thoughts and ideas on the canvas, realizing themselves: it helps them to return into daily life through art. Conclusion. The important condition of preventing serious problems in future is understanding necessity to abolish psychological consequences of the war. After coming back to peace daily life soldiers have to get full complete rehabilitation. Psychological help to participants of ATO is one of the effective form of avoidance of chain of negative consequences of the war. Rehabilitation should be completed, including medical, physical and psychological parts. This process should be professional and continual. Every soldier ATO, who has status participant of the war or invalid of the war has a right on treatment and rehabilitation at the special enterprises.


physical rehabilitation, participants of antiterrorist operation, psychological rehabilitation.


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 2 Part 1 (150), 2019 year, 275-279 pages, index UDK 614.2:[616-08+615.8]-057.36-056.65:355.01(477)