Bilash S. M., Pronina O. M., Liulka Ye. M.


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Bilash S. M., Pronina O. M., Liulka Ye. M.



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Scentific article


In this study a generalization of preliminary data of the venous system of the heart morphology, namely, the coronary venous sinus and its inflows in normal and in some cardiac pathologies is presented. Also modern methods for these structures investigation are considered. The morphometric characteristics of the coronary venous sinus of the heart are quite variable, but researchers have established certain patterns in their age, sex and anthropometric aspects. There are still differences of opinion about the structure of the coronary venous sinus wall and the variety of its shapes. Special attention is paid to changes in the venous system of the heart during the progression of heart failure – a condition that at the present stage of the medicine development requires the implantation of three-chamber cardiac resynchronizing pacemakers, a prerequisite for which is the catheterization of certain inflows of the coronary venous sinus to establish safe stimulation of the left ventricle. The advantages and disadvantages of such methods of the macroscopic structure of the venous system of the heart investigation as sectional and angiographic, including using multidetector computed tomography are considered in detail. It was established, that mostly researches used sectional method of investigation due to its simplicity, low cost and availability. However, measurements of the size of structures on cadaveric hearts are associated with a large number of inaccuracies due to the lack of conformity of the shape and position of these structures with those of living people. So currently more attention is being paid to intravital imaging techniques. Among them, there are venous angiography and multidetector computed tomography. The latter has an advantage because it allows to obtain a three-dimensional model of the coronary venous sinus, that gives us ability to evaluate its shape more accurately and to perform proper measurements. Attention is focused on the need for a more detailed investigation of the dependence of the venous system of the heart morphology depending on age, gender and somatotypological features of the human body structure, the size of certain cardiac cavities using modern imaging methods, which makes this study relevant and up to date.


coronary venous sinus, morphology, angiography, computed tomography.


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 3 (152), 2019 year, 16-19 pages, index UDK 611.142:611.068:616.142:616.125.4