Sidorenko M. I., Bilash S. M., Pronina O. M.


About the author:

Sidorenko M. I., Bilash S. M., Pronina O. M.



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Scentific article


The morphological aspects of the restructuring of the structural components of the ileum of rabbits during surgery and suturing of the wound defect with synthetic monofilament thread Vikril are investigated. It was determined that when using this modified thread the course of phases of inflammation and formation of connective tissue scar occurs with the active participation of intraepithelial lymphocytes and cells of the diffuse endocrine system associated with villi of the ileal mucosa during active reaction of resistive and metabolic elements. The main reparative changes of the perivullar zone of the intestinal wall were determined in the mucous membrane due to its thickening due to connective tissue edema, destructive and reparative changes of its own plate and cellular elements, as well as accumulation of significant leukocyte infiltrate in the submucosa. Arterioles as a resistive link, capillaries as an exchange link and venules as a capacitive link of HMCR take an active part in response to the inflammatory process and the formation of connective tissue scar. Arterioles of the mucous and submucosal membranes of the ileum in the area of the wound defect responded by expanding the average diameters in the early stages of the experiment (3-7 days) and up to 30 days corresponded to the control parameters. Capillaries spasmed in the early stages of observation and control values reached up to 21 days. Mucosal venules in the early stages of the experiment expanded, and the submucosal membrane on the contrary narrowed and gained control on the 21st day of the experiment. Morphometric parameters of the average number of columnar epitheliocytes with a border in the composition of the villi of the perivullar zone indicate that the absorption of nutrients from the lumen of the ileum in the area of the wound defect in the early stages of the experiment almost does not occur. It was determined that at the end of the experimental study (30 days of observation) the average number of cellular elements of the diffuse endocrine system of ileal villi was not significantly increased (1.1 times) compared with controls, indicating the tension of local endocrine status and at the end of the experiment. In the implementation of the local inflammatory process in the perivullar zone of the ileum involved not only migrant leukocytes that enter the site of inflammation with blood flow, but also intraepithelial leukocytes, which are actively involved in the implementation of the inflammatory process, and their dynamic increase from 3 to 14 days of observation correspond to the phases of the inflammatory process


ileum, monofiber suture material, Vicril, hemomicrocirculatory tract, crypt, villi, epitheliocytes, goblet cells, Panetta cells.


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Publication of the article:

«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 3 (157), 2020 year, 254-258 pages, index UDK 616.344-03-089.84:615.67