Korobeynikov L. S., Korobeynikova Yu. L., Korol D. M., Khavalkina L. M.


About the author:

Korobeynikov L. S., Korobeynikova Yu. L., Korol D. M., Khavalkina L. M.



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Scentific article


Bone conditions around abutment tooth is one of the criteria for choosing an orthopedic prosthese. Those can be estimated only by auxiliary radiological methods. The initial changes of jaws cortical plate destruction before its complete destruction, cannot be visualized with help of orthopantomography, and pathological changes can only be observed in the mesiodistal areas of the interdentalsepta. Dentists often use panoramic zonography in their practice, without paying attention to such important indicator as bone resorption near the abutment teeth in vestibular-oral direction. The vestibular-oralprojection of a cone-beam computed tomography (CВCT) indicates the bias of using a twodimensional image to obtain an accurate X-ray picture of alveolar bone conditions and to assess functional state of studied abutment teeth. Panoramic zonography (medial, distal) was used to assess the bone destruction level around all sides of supporting teeth in the frontal and lateral sites. Detailed study of indicators in vestibular-oral direction was conducted in sagittal projection. A dental tape-measure was used as a tool. We analyzed bone destruction/resorption of about 80 teeth, which were planned as an abutment teeth for non-removable metal-ceramic constructions. The gender was not taken into account when entering the resorption rating table. Bone resorption levels were compared between experimental groups. The feature was determined after comparison of the CBCT- numerical values of bone resorption around future abutment teeth for metal-ceramic prostheses in frontal and lateral sites of dentition. The feature was presented with the increased levels of alveolar bone destruction exactly in vestibular-oral direction of frontal and lateral jaws sites. It was conclude that CBCT is only appropriate method for timely detection of such changes and prognosis of orthopedic treatment duration.


orthopantomography, cone-beam computed tomography, metal-ceramicbridge dentures, abutment teeth


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Publication of the article:

«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 4 Part 2 (147), 2018 year, 237-241 pages, index UDK 616.314-77:615.461