Sharapova O. M.

Electronic-Microscopic Picture of Rats’ Testicles after the Influence of Electromagnetic Field with High Voltage in the Long-Term of Examination

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Sharapova O. M.



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Scentific article


Effect of electromagnetic field (EMF) in special conditions may cause damage of reproductive func- tion and genetic apparatus. Clinical and experimental researching proves the development of long-term conse- quences of electromagnetic field effect – embryotoxic, gonadotoxic and teratogenic effects. Generally we can suppose that EMF is a biologically active factor that influences negatively on the reproductive function, embryogenesis and heredity of living organisms. Slow development and weak intensity of morphological changes in testicles after the influence of EMF, testifies that, probably, effects revealed in our researching were not caused by the direct influence of EMF on testicles, but were the result of damage to other organs and systems. The aim of this researching is to establish the submicroscopic changes that happen in the rat testicles after the effect of electromagnetic field of high voltage in long-terms after radiation. In the researching there were used 35 male rats of Wistar line with mass of 180-200 gr., among them 6 males made a control group. Experiment on studying influence of the electromagnetic field with intensity of 330 kV on the organism of animals was carried out at the substation «Dnipropetrovska» of Dnipropetrovsk oblast’. The radiation of rats was conducted by the electromagnetic field cirquit 330 kV. Electromagnetic field irradiated rats during 1,5 hour in range of low frequency – 50 hertz, with intensity of electromagnetic field – 20-22 kV/m2 at the height of 1,7 m above the sea level. Withdrawal of the animals from experiment was conducted by the dislocation of cervical verte- brae on the 45th day, testicles were removed from animals. After special processing of pieces of testicle tissue, the examination of material was conducted by means of electronic microscope EM-125 of Sumy industrial association «Electron» (Ukraine) with following photographing at magnification ∙ 5. 000 – 12. 000 times. Results were estimated by methods of variational statistics with using validation criteria of Student. On the 45th day after radiation with electromagnetic field, in convoluted seminiferous tubules with diameter of 231,15 ± 3,70 mkm (p < 0,05), composing parenchyma of the organ, there was noted dissection of spermatogenous epithelium and proliferation of interstitial endocrynocytes. By electronic-microscopic examination of endotheliocytes of capillaries there was noted the overload of cells’ cytoplasm, enlargement of their cytoplasma micropinocytosis activity. Cytoplasmic processes of endothelium over- lapped each other along considerable route. In the places of cell contacts, bunches of anchor filaments got over from endotheliocytes in the direction to the intermediate stroma. Lumens of sinusoidal blood capillaries were filled in with homogenous, finely dispersed, electronically light substance, the most probably of protein origin. At the same time, the number of retrograding cells with pyknosis nucleus increased. Interstitial endocrynocytes were located in groups by 9-17, around blood capillaries, their nucleuses were hypertrophied, and cytoplasm con- tained well-developed organoids, especially smoth ER. In interstitial tissue was also noted fibrously changed blood capillaries, endotheliocytes of lymph capillaries, fibroblasts and macrophages. Consequently, morphological examination of rats’ testicles made it possible to reveal progressive destructive and atrophic changes along with increase of duration of the experiment. During 45 days after the beginning of the experiment discomplexation, proliferation of sanguiferous endothelium occurred; dilatation of lymphatic channel changed by its constriction, that may testify to the beginning of the compensatory-adaptive phase of blood circula- tion in the glandule. In long-terms after radiation of rats with electromagnetic field, evident disorders of angioarchi- tecture of intraorgan sanguinous and lymphatic channels of testicles occurred. In the stroma of organ at this time hypertrophic interstitial endocrynocytes were changed by hyperplasia, which was necessary for hormonal balance support.


testis, testicular tubule, spermatogone, electromagnetic field.


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 1 (106), 2014 year, 277-279 pages, index UDK 616. 688: 537. 531:615. 37 – 092. 9