Lisova I. G., Rossiyskiy P. V.


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Lisova I. G., Rossiyskiy P. V.



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Scentific article


The study is dedicated to the prevention of possible errors and inaccuracies of the subperiostal im-plantation through improvement of surgical stage with a justification of the choice of safe impression materials and technique to obtain a highly informative imprint with the bare bone of the jaw in conditions of absence of fixed be-tween alveolar ratio in patients with multiple and complete loss of teeth. Conducted preclinical laboratory and experimental study of biophysical safety of use of silicone impression ma-terials revealed their physical and mechanical differences: the minimum number of average values obtained gaps in experimental models identified in A-silicone – to 0. 83±0,13 of default, whereas С-silicone – 6. 38±0,2 gaps. The most apparent size of the violations in the bone tissue was observed around С-silicone fluid-catalyst 91,4±2,7 srvc. unit that was in 2,62 and 1. 87 times more than when you use A-silicone and С-silicone-catalyst-gel, respectively. In 36 patients with multiple missing teeth, up to fully edentulous, revealed that use of improved methods of obtaining print on surgical stage of subperiostal implantation in patients with fully edentulous provides accurate transfer of the clinical situation, respectively central ratio and between alveolar height the bare bone of the jaw, the working models. This study allows to draw the following conclusions: 1. Research data indicate significant advantages A-silicones in the surgical stage of obtaining the stamp with bones, compared C-silicones, on a number of physical and mechanical characteristics and manifestation of the greatest tolerance to the operating wound. Therefore, A-silicones are the most biologically acceptable products to obtain a stamp with the bare bone of the jaw in patients with multiple and complete loss of teeth. 2. Results of research of scientific and justify the choice and the opportunity to get information from a bone safe silicone impression materials, exact transfer of the clinical situation of the model in the central ratio and a specific between alveolar ratio height to prevent potential errors in the manufacture of supporting elements of the subperiostal implants on the location, height and slope. 3. Warning mistakes and complications in surgical stage of subperiostal implantation will ensure the quality of prostheses manufactured, their long-term and predictable functioning of the subperiostal implants that in the short term will increase the efficiency of rehabilitation of patients, especially with fully edentulous. The obtained results allow expanding opportunities of the non-removable prosthetics and reducing the time of prosthetic rehabilitation of socially active stratum of society.


multiple loss of teeth, subperiosteal implants, bare jawbone, silicone impression materials, interal-veolar ratio


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 2 part 1 (107), 2014 year, 212-216 pages, index UDK 616. 716:616. 314-089. 843:666. 3. 958