Chumachenko A. V., Sayapina L. M., Perminov A. B., Csipan S. B.


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Chumachenko A. V., Sayapina L. M., Perminov A. B., Csipan S. B.



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Scentific article


Restoration of volume and improve the structure of alveolar bone to allow its use in dental implants – rather difficult problem in surgical dentistry. Like other bones of the body functioning alveolar bone is maintained through continuous and intensive process of remodeling. However, the alveolar bone is morphological and func-tional features, and very sensitive to local and general physical changes in the body. In order to maintain the volume of alveolar bone after surgery using approximate the composition and properties of the natural components of bone osteoplastic mixtures medical tactics include key areas: restoring volume and shape of alveolar bone and keeping them a certain period of time (eg, until the prosthesis implant) and optimization of reparative regeneration. The aim of the study was to morphological comparison of alveolar bone sections performed 12-14 months back surgery using a mixture of the drug «Osteoplast» and components of fibrin gel autoblood and lots of cells, where preimplantation operational measures have not been conducted. A morphological study of intact alveolar bone in 320 patients aged 13 to 62 years, undergoing surgery for orthodontic or other indications that have not ascertained inflammation or tumor (group 1 observation). Biopsy used as cancellous bone fragments no larger than 3Ч3Ч3 mm. In 32 patients (group 2 observations) biopsy specimens was performed during the dental implant using disposable sterile needles Yamshydi 11G (3mm x10- 15cm, Made Sterylab, Italiya). Dimensions bone biopsies were identical in all patients 2Ч2 mm. This method of sampling biopsy is not inflicted unwanted damage the bone and does not violate the terms of the operational protocol of dental implants. For the microscopic materials were prepared as follows: fixation and decalcification of 6% solution of trichloroacetic acid dehydration of alcohols, waxing, cutting thickness 6. 8 mm, staining with hematoxylin and eosin, embalming. Microscopy was performed on the instrument KONUS Biorex-3 and studied the overall architecture of the bone, cellular, fibrous tissue and vascular components. Micro Photo bone preparations obtained with a digital camera SCIENCELAB 10MPix and received images onto a computer. Patients in the 2 groups peredimplantolohichnoho surgery to fill bone defect used a mixture of bone and plastic drug «Osteoplast» and components of fibrin gel autoblood capacity from 2 to 7 cubic centimeters sure to create a large contact area osteo- plastic blends with the periosteum, sometimes, and fibrous structure after modeling the required parameters and volume of cells. The results of histological examination established that the new bone formed in the areas of application of bone-plastic mixture after surgical technology proposed by the authors. Morphological parameters of the newly formed alveolar tissue is not fully correspond to the norm, and can not respond to it through various circumstances that are created around physiological processes of bone. However, the newly formed alveolar bone has all the hallmarks of completion of reparative osteogenesis and stable morphological structure that can be successfully used in oral implantology.


alveolar bone, training of implantation, osteo-plastic material, autologous fibrin gel, morphological studies of bone, reparative osteogenesis


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 2 part 2 (108), 2014 year, 221-224 pages, index UDK 616. 314-089. 843+615. 242+615. 454. 1