Slabkyi H. A., Parhomenko H. Y., Astakhova N. Y

Health 2020 – the New European Policy and Strategy in the Interests of Health of People

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Slabkyi H. A., Parhomenko H. Y., Astakhova N. Y



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Scentific article


In September, 2012 representatives from 53 European countries approved the backgrounds of new health care regional policy – ‘Health 2020’ on the session of WHO European regional committee, which is based on actual data and relies on values declared by WHO. The goal of this policy is improvement of people health from all regions and reduction of health care inequality by development of strategic leadership. The aim of the paper is familiarization of public health managers and physicians from Ukraine with innovational character of strategic measures in Europe related to further development of health care. The document, approved by WHO, states that “WHO European region should be a region where everyone has got support for full realization of their health potential and achievement of wealth and where countries take measures about reduction of inequality related to health issues inside and outside the region”. Document is addressed to both the officials and all interested people, inspiring them to joint actions in overcoming multiple problems of health care in the 21st century. The ‘Health 2020’ policy recognized that successfully acting governments would achieve real improvements in health status of the population and the level of population’s wealth if these governments provide the integration of actions in two main directions: - Improvement of health for everyone and reduction of population’s health inequality. - Development of collective strategic leadership in the interests of health. For achieving these aims WHO suggests four priority stages of actions. These are: Investment in health at all stages of human life and enlargement of rights and opportunities of citizens. Solving of the most actual regional problems of both non-infectious and infectious diseases. Strengthening of health care systems that are focused on human individual, strengthening of social health potential and also readiness to extraordinary situations and epidemiological monitoring. Provision of local communities’ stability and creation of supportive environment. Targets are developed in three main areas which cover two strategic objectives and four strategic priorities and the underlying strategy of ‘Health – 2020’. These include: - Burden of disease and risk factors. - Healthy people, prosperity and determinants. - Processes, strategic management and health systems. All 53 member countries of WHO European region recommends to accept clear strategies of changing models and scopes of injustice. That is why they should take serious measures towards social determinants of health. According to WHO data, national strategy should be created in Ukraine, providing the country with responsibility for health care. Responsibility of the whole society and the health status should be based on a strong political commitment, good governance and public support. It is necessary to create a structure of cross-sectoral strategic leadership in a way that this responsibility could be meaningful and effective. These structures will ensure necessary measures in order to reflect the interests of health in all relevant policy areas, sectors of state authorities activity at all levels of government, society, economy and production.


WHO committee, ‘Health 2020’ health regional policy


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 3 part 1 (110), 2014 year, 16-20 pages, index UDK 61:614