Nazarian R. S., Iskosostenskaia O. W., Mikulinskaya-Rudich Yu. N., Mys W. A., Vlasov A. W.

Changes in Bone Tissue, Associated with Hereditary Syndromes in Pediatric Dentistry

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Nazarian R. S., Iskosostenskaia O. W., Mikulinskaya-Rudich Yu. N., Mys W. A., Vlasov A. W.



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Scentific article


Nowadays, according to WHO’s research, bone system disease such as osteoporosis takes the fourth place after cardiovascular diseases, oncological pathologies and pancreatic diabetes. It is considered that osteoporosis is typical for women of postmenopausal period or for old people, that is connected with bone weight loss. However, nowadays it is proved that osteoporosis sources are represented in childhood, when intensive in­ crease of bone weight is observed. Now, osteoporosis is considered to be a widespread systemic disease of skeleton, characterized by low bone weight in capacity unit and by disorders of bone tissue microarchitectonics, what leads to heightened bone fragility and increase of risks of fracture. Osteoporosis is a symptom of many hereditary diseases. Taking into account that in practice of a pediatric dentists there can be a lot of diseases (sydromes), which are characterizes by one or another disorders in bone tissue and, accordingly, in maxillofacial system of child, against a background of fundamental disease, dentists pay much attention to a problem of osteoporosis. Among practical doctors there is a problem of choosing an adequate complex therapy of periodontal diseases. In this article we made an effort to concentrate a part of syndromes, with which children can have changes of tight teeth tissues and alveolar bone against a background of bone tissue osteoporosis. For example: Down’s syndrome, Abt Letterer Siwe syndrome, Gaucher’s syndrome, Schьller­Christian syndrome, Papillon­Lefиvre syn­ drome, Itsenko­Cushing syndrome, periodontal syndrome by non­compensated insulin­dependent pancreatic dia­ betes (type I). Besides hereditary factors of osteoporosis development and, as a result – dental pathology, there are so­called groups of risks of osteoporosis development, where a diagnosis “osteoporosis” is not established so far, however, functional disorders of one or another organs and systems can be a precondition for development of the foregoing pathology of bone system. They are combined with: chronic diseases of liver, kidneys, celiac disease, nonspecific ulcerative colitis, endocrine pathology, especially pancreatic diabetes, pathology of respiratory system and so on. Osteoporosis development by chronic diseases has multifactorial nature. Negative influence of chronic diseases on bone tissue formation among children is clinically revealed after definite time. Incomplete nutrition, sedentary life, uncontrolled taking medicines are supplemental factors of osteoporosis development of bone tissue even for almost healthy people. Detailed studying of the foregoing syndromes and other diseases will allow practical doctors to observe connec­ tion between somatic pathology, changes in bone system and dental status of children. Treatment of periodontal diseases among children with the mentioned diseases is symptomatic. To influence on pathogenic link of funda­ mental illness is possible only in a complex with doctors of different professions: geneticists, neonatologists, pedia­ tricians, hematologists, endocrinologists, traumatic surgeons, orthopedists and so on. Detection of a dominated pathology, what underlies disorders of child’s organism formation is a perspective direction of scientific research. It will help to find right ways of complex influence on pathogenetic links of disorders in child’s bone system.


osteoporosis, syndromes, dental status, periodontitis


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 3 part 2 (111), 2014 year, 17-25 pages, index UDK 616. 31–053. 2–018. 4–008. 9–056. 7:616. 71–007. 234