Shumeyko O. V., Klymenko O. V., Shumeyko M. V., Savchenko S. Ye.

Methodological Bases of Teaching Remedy Pharmacology which Influence on the Myometrium Tone and Contractile Activity for the Students of Medical Faculties

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Shumeyko O. V., Klymenko O. V., Shumeyko M. V., Savchenko S. Ye.



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Scentific article


According to statistics, in Ukraine among the drugs that affect the tone and the contractile activity of the myometrium, take a special place for drugs stop uterine bleeding (sporynya drugs, oxytocin, prostaglandins, etc.). Labour activities can be controlled using pharmacological remedies (under the labour activity deceleration or very painful contractions), to prevent miscarriage and premature birth. Pharmacological regulation of the myo­ metrium contractile function is based on the use of endogenous substances or drugs that alter neural or humoral effects on the uterus. Thus, the problem of adequate pharmacological influence has changed into medical and social. Therefore there is a need for a more thorough teaching students pharmacology and clinical pharmacology of drugs that affect the tone and the contractile activity of the myometrium. An essential condition for credit­ modular training to intensify training time students that aims to get people who are studying at the university, knowledge and skills, domain skills learning in higher education and practice in the medical establishments and institutions qualitatively that comply with ECTS, the integration of modern Ukraine medicine into the European space. The students at the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, National Medical University named after O. O. Bogomolets based on the principles of providing guidance and information of the educational process with elements of self­study , as well as the introduction of new effective forms of control knowledge – skills. In lectures and workshops for better students understanding of pharmacological correction features of myometrium contractile activity it is more advisable to thoroughly teach the features of prescribing based on the severity of the disease, the threat of uterine bleeding, premature birth, pregnancy, severity of menopausal disorders. Particular attention should be given to the appointment of a contraindication for pregnant and lactating women and their accessory effects. Students should be able to assist under urgent conditions – threatened miscarriage, uterine bleeding. According to the program of pharmacy practice lesson « Drugs which influence on the tone and the contractile activity of the myometrium « provides a detailed review of the teacher organization some theoretical statements on the topic for students and the development of skills in their practical application by the individual student performance of various tasks. Methodological recommendations for teachers and guidelines for students with training and work at the practice lesson have been made at the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology. Under the present conditions of high school work, when one of the important indicators of its effectiveness should be the independent work of students, the role of books, especially text books, is growing. Independent students work through a system of teaching tools provided for the study of a particular discipline, including: books; educational and methodological recommendations, etc. Conclusion. Organization of educational process is based on the law of Ukraine «On Education,» state education standards and other legislative acts of Ukraine on Education. Analysis of studies of the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of drugs affecting the tone and the contractile activity of the myometrium indicates that this section is essential for students’ understanding of the pathogenesis of myometrium contractile function disorders and develops effective and rational pharmacotherapy. Scientific research works of scientists from different countries laid the foundations of pharmacotherapy violations myometrium contractile function, to substantiate the need for early diagnosis and treatment.


pharmacology, credit­ modular system, ECTS, scientific and methodological principles


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 3 part 2 (111), 2014 year, 75-83 pages, index UDK 37. 016:61