Sukhina I. S., Sokolova I. I., Spliukhyna O. V.

The Influence of the Set of Preventive Measures on the Oral Mucosa Status of Breast Cancer Patients during the VI Cycle of Chemotherapy

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Sukhina I. S., Sokolova I. I., Spliukhyna O. V.



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Scentific article


The purpose of the current study was to examine the impact of the preventive hygiene measures on the manifestation of the side effects of cytostatic treatment in the oral cavity based on the evaluation of the survey data of patients and the exploration of the oral mucosa status of patients in the course of the VI cycle of chemotherapy. Materials and methods. The study involved 89 breast cancer patients (BC), who had received a comprehensive treatment of this pathology (modified radical mastectomy (Madden) + radiotherapy and 5 cycle of adjuvant chemotherapy with the same scheme – CAF) in the clinic “Grigoriev Istitute for Medical Radiology of National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine” in Kharkiv during the period from 11.2010 to 12.2013. Patients were divided into two groups. Patients in Group 1 only brushed their teeth 1 time/day with any toothpaste, without using a mouthwash. During the entire cycle of chemotherapy, Group 2 patients complied with a set of preventive hygiene measures, developed by us. Results. During the VI cycle of chemotherapy 84.6 % of patients in Group 1 and 52.4 % of patients in Group 2 presented various complaints. Objectively were determined such complaints: spumy saliva – from 27.3 to 12.1 % (p < 0,05) of patients; change in taste sensation – from 66.3 to 21.2 % (p < 0,05); decreased appetite – from 63.6 to 12.1 % (p < 0,05) in Groups 1 and 2, respectively, and increased teeth sensitivity in Group 2 patients – 12.1 %. On examination of the 4 patients in Group 1 who did not express any complaints at the end of the VI cycle of chemotherapy, there was found a swelling tongue, a furred tongue and an inflammation of the oral mucosa. Of the 30 patients in Group 2 who also did not complaint, at the end of the VI cycle of chemotherapy the condition of the oral cavity did not differ from the initial one. Thus, in breast cancer patients the VI cycle of chemotherapy was accompanied by the development of mucositis of varying severity (I­II stage) – in 34.6 and 11.1 %; and salivary gland dysfunction in 26.9 and 41.3 %, Group 1 and 2 respectively. Any signs of cheilitis were absent in the Group 2. Analyzing the obtained data we can conclude that the use of the set of preventive hygiene measures contributes to a reliable reduction of manifestations of the chemotherapy side effects in the oral cavity. Conclusions. In the course of the VI cycle of chemotherapy in 84. 6 % of breast cancer patients in Group 1 showed signs of dental toxicity: cheilitis – in 34.6 %, mucositis – 34. 6 %, salivary gland dysfunction – 69.9 %. Carry­ ing out the preventive hygienic measures helps to reduce the frequency of the manifestations of the side effects of cytostatic treatment in the oral cavity in Group 2 patients to 52.4 %: mucositis – 11.1 %, salivary gland dysfunction – 41. 3 %. Group 2 patients didn’t show any signs of cheilitis.


breast cancer, oral cavity, mucositis, chemotherapy, preventive hygienic measures


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 3 part 2 (111), 2014 year, 389-392 pages, index UDK 616. 31:618. 19–006. 6+616–083.