Bilyakov A. M., Fedotova I. A.

Influence of Alcohol Intoxication Upon the Violent Death Structure of Young Kyiv Residents Based on the Materials of the Kyiv City Clinical Bureau of Forensic Inquiry for the Period of 2001-2005

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Bilyakov A. M., Fedotova I. A.



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Scentific article


Violent death which is caused by a harmful effect of environmental factors on the human body takes the leading position in the general structure of mortality. Very often it takes place due to alcohol consumption, and the amount of violent death has increased lately among young people who were under alcohol or drug intoxication. In particular, participants of road traffic accidents are often in the state of alcohol intoxication that usually leads to their death. In case of suicides, among which the most wide­spread way is hanging, in more than 70 % self­murder­ ers alcohol intoxication is identified. It is also a known fact that the majority of murders are committed in the state of alcohol intoxication and this is defined by the law as an aggravating circumstance. The main task of forensic medicine is investigation of violent death cases with view of defining and analyzing their causes and incidence, establishing their risk factors, influence of the environment, etc. The purpose of the analysis consists in studying the dynamics of violent death among the residents of Kyiv at the age up to 30 years who died in the period of 2001­2005, with regard to the alcohol intoxication degree and type as well as the gender of the dead. This will allow improving the quality and expanding the directions of the preven­ tive measures taken by the healthcare bodies and law­enforcement authorities, in general resulting in reducing the amount of violent death cases among the population. The materials of the Kyiv City Clinical Bureau of Forensic Inquiry for the period of 2001­2005 serve as the object of this research. 1238 results of forensic investigations and corpse examinations have been analyzed, research groups of the same type have been compared. The results of studying the violent death structure among young residents of Kyiv and influence of alcohol in­ toxication thereon show that in the period of 2001­2005 the numbers of both men and women who died as a result of violent death changed without any regular pattern. Among those who were killed there were 3­4­fold more men than women and this tendency is quite stable. A steady increase in the amount of violent death cases was observed among men in summer and autumn and among women in summer and winter. The percent of the person who were in the state of alcohol intoxication appears to be the lowest in the groups where the amount of fatally injured is the least. However, in the groups where the mount of those fatally injured was the biggest, the percent of intoxicated was not always the highest but as a rule it occupied the second or the third place among the four available. In the future the search for regular patterns between the amount of people who died as a result of violent death and the alcohol intoxication will require more thorough investigation of the violent death structure in the given re­ search segment.


violent death, drunkenness


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 3 part 2 (111), 2014 year, 393-395 pages, index UDK 613. 81:616­036. 88­036. 4(477­25) «2001/2005»