Sukhomlyn Т. A., Netyukhaylo L. G., Nikolenko D. E.

Morphological Changes in of Rats Lungs at Burn Desease and Correction by Lipin

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Sukhomlyn Т. A., Netyukhaylo L. G., Nikolenko D. E.



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Scentific article


Introduction. Lung injury is an important component in the structure of multiple organ failure syn- drome at burn disease. Better understanding of the mechanisms of pathological changes at burn disease contrib- utes to searching for effective methods of treatment. Objective. The aim of our research is a study of influence of «Lipin» on morphological changes in rats lungs at different periods on model experimental burn disease. Materials and methods. Experiments were carried out on 112 white rats-males, weight 180-200g. Experimental investigation was carried out in accordance with international bioethical principles and the laws of Ukraine. We mod- eled the burn wounds of IIIa-b degree on the rats of experimental and control groups. The hind limbs of rats were exposed to + 75°C bath for 7s to induce experimental burn disease. The “Lipin” injected intraperitoneally (50 mg/kg) after burn. Morphological investigations were performed on the 1st and 7th days of burn disease, what corresponds to the stage of burn shock and toxemia. For microscopic examination slices of lung were fixed in 10 % formalin solution and, after proper conduct through increasing alcohol concentrations, placed in paraffin by conventional methods. Microtome sections were stained with hematoxylin-eosin and Hart-Van Gieson. Results. We found that pathological changes of lung tissues occur at the first day, which corresponds to the stage of burn shock. In the lungs of rats at burn disease On the 1st day of burn desease observed such changes as blood stasis, erythrocyte aggregates, microvascular hyperpermeability and perivascular edema, atelectasis, des- quamation of cells from bronchial epithelium. Increased permeability of the vessel wall caused by damage to vas- cular endothelial intercellular contacts, the partial destruction of the elastic layer and collagen fibers. On the 7th day revealed significant interstitial inflammatory infiltration, numerous atelectasis. In arterioles bronchioles were formed clots. The perivascular edema decreased compared to the first day. Correction of “Lipin” decreases pathological changes in stroma structure and lungs parenchyma after the skin burn trauma of rats on the 1st day and on the 7th day. The epithelium of the bronchial mucosa almost no signs des- quamation. Reduced perivascular edema. Local areas of thickening interalveolar septa that were infiltrated lympho- cytes and neutrophils. As part of the interalveolar septa shows no signs of inflammation. Conclusions. Under conditions of burn disease is observed significant destructive changes of the alveolar epi- thelium and the blood capillary wall. Experimental correction by «Lipin» leads to reduce the destructive effects in interstitium and terminal bronchioles of rats lungs at burn disease. Consequently, interstitial lung edema and inflam- matory infiltration were not pronounced.


burn disease, lungs, lipin


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 3 part 3 (112), 2014 year, 196-199 pages, index UDK 615. 015:615. 05;616. 24