Tkachenko I. M., Kovalenko V. V.


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Tkachenko I. M., Kovalenko V. V.



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Scentific article


Diagnostics of increased abrasion of hard tooth tissue to determine its forms is not difficult, and above all a it reduces the height of coronal part of the tooth, which in most cases is slow and leads further to both muscular and structural changes in temporomandibular joint. As a result of changes in functional activity of the teeth-jaw system, the amount of load, which is applied to teeth is cahanging, leading to reducing the height of the crown of the tooth and as a result, changes in amplitude and force of contraction of masticatory muscles. Gradually, as a result of changes in the load of chewing processes, bone density of alveolar outgrowth do change as well. The purpose of our study was to investigate changes in bone density alveolar processes in patients with physiological and increased density. In the course of investigations and therapeutic measures our group of patients was selected for more thorough studies that were 3 clinical groups with a total of 125 patients (63 men and 62 women). They were formed on the principle of age. Patients in the control group were having intact tooth rows without signs of increased teeth density. As the results of survey we took the results of treatment course of 95 patients from research groups based on relationships and reasons of disease. In order to diagnose the state of bone tissue for patients in the control and experimental groups there were applied X-rays digital orthopantomography. To optimize the quantitative and qualitative indicators Panoramic x-rays were using histogram analysis which allows to study bone density quantitatively and qualitatively. In our work we used the computer program Corel Photo-Point. The main principle of standardization is the analysis of the results of computer Panoramic x-rays that are made on the same orthopantomograph for therapeutic and orthopedic indications. All Panoramic x-rays done on the unit called ORTHOPHOS XG / Ceps (Sirona Dental Systems GmbH), which automatically standardizes the received digital image. The dynamics of the pathological process is an external expression of internal changes in morphological structures. Functional methods used to detect early forms of function changes, determining the extent of these changes, monitoring the effectiveness of treatment and prognosis of the disease. The findings suggest the possibility of significant confirmation features architectonic structure and bone density test sites by obtaining and analyzing digital image histogram Panoramic X-rays. Index of average level histogram can be considered more 100,00 confirmation of bone density and smaller 100,00 - confirmation of its low density. Changes in terms of right and left sides in Group II patients indicates the prevalence of working by chewing expressed in the forms of increased wear of the teeth.


high density, hard tissue of teeth, histogram morphometry, bone density


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 2 part 1 (128), 2016 year, 276-280 pages, index UDK 616.716.86-018.4:616.314.1-007.232