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Vorobii V. D.



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Scentific article


Aim. To improve the educational process and contribute to the formation of clinical thinking during the studying the topic “Infertile marriage. Organization, structure and tasks of the family planning service” by sixth year students of the medical faculty. The article presents the experience of teaching the topic “Infertile marriage. Organization, structure and tasks of the family planning service” for sixth year students of the medical faculty at the base of a clinic that specializes in providing narrow-profile care to the population in the treatment of infertility. A main feature of the pedagogical process is the training of students in a specialized hospital that corresponds to the topic of the lesson. Usually, the lesson begins traditionally – conducting an initial test control of the assessment of students’ knowledge, a brief survey of the topic. The student must have knowledge not only of human anatomy, physiology, patho-logical anatomy and physiology, gynecology, pharmacology, endocrinology, genetics and other medical disciplines. There is a need in the awareness in different research methods, interpretation of the results of the analyzes of different medical disciplines. Only using the luggage of knowledge from different disciplines the students can acquire new knowledge and competences in the subject. Also another feature of the practical lessons on this subject is that they are conducted in the “Precarpathian Center for Human Reproduction”, which provides narrow-profile care to the population for infertility treatment and family planning. This makes possible to implement an approach to teaching in conditions that are as close as possible to the practice of medical professionals. Computer and video equipment is available in the clinic’s meeting room, which allows to monitor the operations in the gynecology and rehabilitation department. The students also have the opportunity to view educational video material prepared by the staff of the department – the results of ultrasound examination, metrosalpingography images, the results of the analysis of hormone levels, spermograms, genetic testing, etc. In addition, the communication with patients with infertility is more accessible to students at a specialize hospital than at general gynecological clinics. This allows the students to take anamnesis in more details, to get acquainted with all previous results of examinations of patients, which will contribute together with the assimilation of theoretical material, the development of clinical thinking. The final knowledge control is complemented by a clinical task on infertility, which is made in the program “Virtual Patient” which was developed by the staff of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Conclusions. Conducting a practical lesson for sixth-year students of the medical faculty on the topic “Infertile marriage. Organization, structure and tasks of the family planning service” on the basis of a specialized clinic to assist the population regarding infertility helps to improve the quality of assimilation of the topic, improve the application of theoretical knowledge, and also ensures the development of clinical thinking.


medical education, students, gynecology


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 3 (152), 2019 year, 237-239 pages, index UDK 378.145+378.147+618