Slyusarenko N. Ya.


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Slyusarenko N. Ya.



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Scentific article


Ukraine’s accession to a single European space requires the improvement of the quality of professional training of future doctors in accordance with world standards in order to enhance the competitiveness of national higher medical education, optimize the conditions for international mobility and expand the opportunities of Ukrainian medical professionals in the domestic and international labor markets. Therefore, the leading purpose of the higher education institution is to educate and prepare the graduate, who, as a result of obtaining a higher education, master modern technologies of information retrieval and processing and will be able to use the acquired knowledge in the practical activity of a doctor. In the professional training of specialists, a competent approach is essential – an integrative characteristic of the individual, reflecting the willingness and ability to mobilize future knowledge, skills, experience, methods of activity, and the personal and professional qualities of the specialist. One of the main factors for students’ professional preparation is a deep learning of the discipline and the acquisition of practical skills in the process of active work in the classroom. Modern provision of quality education of dentists is conditioned by the proper approach to training and requires the staff of the department of continuous improvement, creative ideas implemented on a reliable material and technical base. Transition to new computer-oriented learning technologies, creation of conditions for their development, testing and implementation, rational combination with traditional ones – a time requirement and a complex pedagogical task that requires the solution of a whole complex of psychological-pedagogical, organizational, educational-methodical, technical and other problems.


surgical dentistry, credit-modular system, educational and practical center.


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«Bulletin of problems biology and medicine» Issue 4 Part 1 (153), 2019 year, 188-189 pages, index UDK 378.147+614.255+616.341