The procedure of reviewing the research articles
  1. Research articles submitted to the Editorial board are subject to reviewing. Reviewing takes place in the format "Single-blind Rewiew", when the names of the reviewers are hidden from the authors.
  2. Methods of articles reviewing:
  1. The executive editor ascertains the relevance of the article to the magazine profile and design requirements, and sends it for reviewing by the expert, Doctor or Candidate of Science, whose scientific specialization corresponds the most to the article subject.
  2. The executive editor within 7 days notifies the authors about the receipt of their articles.
  3. Terms of reviewing in any single case are specified by the executive editor with account of creating proper conditions for the utmost prompt publication of the article.
  4. The following issues should be covered in the review:
  1. The reviews are certified in accordance with the procedures established by the institution, where the reviewer works.
  2. In case of rejection of the article from publication the Editorial board sends a reasonable refusal to the author.
  3. The article which was not recommended by the reviewer for publication is not accepted for reconsideration. Text of the negative review is sent to the author by e-mail, by fax or via ordinary mail.
  4. Existence of positive review is not a sufficient warranty for publication of the article. Final decision on advisability of publication is made by the Editorial board.
  5. Once the Editorial board decides to admit the article for publication, the executive editor notifies the author thereof and specifies the terms of publication.
  6. The original copies of reviews are kept by the Editorial board of the scientific magazine “Bulletin of problems biology and medicine”.

Article review